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* George Blanchard visit'n, funeral details & obit
* from past World champion, Ian Porter
* Dave Ventresca at C&L Boatworks
* ex-TSCC Wayfarer, Geoff Lepper
Orillia's Ted Carter and family (ex-W3142)
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* brief George Blanchard sailing obit
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* Robin Allardyce one more time
* Steve Macklin's dad, Don, aged 85

George Blanchard visitation, funeral details and obit
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 12:49 AM

George Blanchard visitation & funeral details:

Blanchard, George Thomas   Beloved husband of the late Vera Blanchard (nee Warren) and dear father of Pat (John Moffatt), Joy (Gord Holmes), and Ross (Lorraine). Lovingly remembered by his seven grandchildren and four great- grandchildren. Passed away peacefully on Thursday 11 March 2011 at the Village of Humber Heights in his 98th year. The family thanks the staff of Humber Heights for their care and compassion during the past few months.
George retired from DeHavilland Canada in 1978 after a career of nearly 50 years, and was inducted into its Hall of Fame in 1994.

Up until his death, he was actively involved in the sailing community locally, nationally and internationally, specifically the Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club, the Canadian Wayfarer Association, the Ontario Sailing Association, and the Boulevard Club. He was the Honorary Commodore of the TSCC and the CWA and an Honorary Life Member of the Boulevard Club. He was also a Councillor of Honour of the Canadian Yachting Association.

George was the consummate volunteer, recognized by two Ontario premiers. He was selfless, dedicated, caring, innovative, patient and very well organized. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Visitation will be at Scott Funeral Home West Toronto (1273 Weston Rd, one light N of Eglinton) on Tues. March 15 from 7-9 and Wed. March 16 from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. The funeral service will be held Thurs. March 17 at the Church of the Good Shepherd (Corner of Eglinton & Weston) at 11 a.m

A sailing community
memorial for George will be held on April 16, 2011. Check or for arrangements. 

In lieu of flowers, donations to the Ontario Sailing Association BOOM program to support youth sailing in Ontario or to a charity of your choice would be appreciated.

Note: Try to car pool. Parking is limited. Scott's Funeral Home has a small parking lot at the rear of the building off Ray Ave.  There is parking on the surrounding streets NOT Ray Ave. however.
The Church of the Good Shepherd has a small parking lot that can be used at the rear of the building. Come into it by following Barr Ave. (the first street left after the church or Eglinton Ave. when going south on Weston Rd.  Then left onto Brownville,  (a sign says 'To Parking' ).
There is a bit of parking at the front which is shared with the library.  There is parking on Weston Rd. too.
brief George Blanchard sailing obit
Hi, Ray:
Have begun to post some George stuff. Help yourself to anything you might find useful for the UKWA mag if my attempt below is not enough. Am also attaching some pics and am thinking the one of George and Ian Proctor taken a day before Ian's death in 1992 at Hayling with my caption might be ideal??

"The two grand old men of Wayfarers: Ian Proctor (l), the designer and life-long Wayfarer supporter with George Blanchard of Canada who has been sailing Wayfarers since 1958 and at this writing, is 89 years old and the only one to have sailed every one of the 11 Wayfarer Worlds between 1974 and 2001!"

George 1974 at the first Wayfarer Worlds in Hayling

George at TSCC, summer 1985

My mini-obit follows:
In memoriam: George Blanchard - a short tribute by Uncle Al
The legendary Canadian Wayfarer, George Blanchard, passed away quietly on March 11th, 2011 at the age of 97. In a 50-year career with DeHavilland aircraft in Toronto, George rose from being a young apprentice to become production manager just in time for the second World War. After retiring in 1978, George was voted into the DeHavilland Hall of Fame.

In his even longer sailing career, George participated for decades as a keen competitor and a sought-after volunteer not just in his beloved Wayfarer Class but in many other classes all over the world. As an outstanding race officer, George's career highlight was probably that he ran a race course at the 1976 Olympics in Kingston, Ontario. In Wayfarers, George was already well established as the go-to guy when I bought W116 in 1964, and was still active in our class as CWA Chairman for a third or fourth time until less than two months before his death.

On a personal note, I was lucky enough to see George's marvellous example on a regular basis and learn from this, that getting on in years does not necessarily doom you to a life of fading away quietly and uselessly.

In addition to running great races, George very actively competed, and twice was North American Wayfarer champion. George was also the first Wayfarer to race with Wayfarers overseas as he sailed a number of major UK Wayfarer events starting in the late 60s. And once the Wayfarer Worlds came along in 1974, George set a record by participating in all of the first 12 Worlds between 1974 and 2004.

Two events from George's later Worlds are worth re-telling: In 1998, at nearly 85 years of age, George showed up in Egaa, Denmark for the Worlds. The local newspaper sent a reporter to interview George. She began by admiring the fact that someone of George's advanced age would come all that way to cheer his Team Canada on. Well!!! George soon set her straight about that little misconception. He and crew, Mike Codd, in fact beat out over a dozen boats in that 50-boat fleet. Six years later we had the pretty breezy Worlds in Port Credit, just west of Toronto. After supervising the pre-Worlds measuring, George and his surrogate son, Mike Codd, went out and sailed that tough nine-race series. At age 90, George placed 35th in a fleet of 59.

George will be sorely missed by the many, many people whose lives he affected in such a positive way, but fortunately he has left us enough great memories to last most of our lifetimes and beyond. Thank you, George. We know you're up there and no doubt reminding the angels to sign out before they go out onto the water.

Hi Al,
You did a great job of recapturing George’s life!  thanks - kept me up til after 3 AM but was worth it


Attached is the picture that Mike brought home from Ireland in 2001 of George sitting on Martin Collen’s Wayfarer that they borrowed & raced. great - will post
Is this the regatta that the young girls were interviewing George about him coming to race?  the one I recall happened in 1998 in DK
I forgot to tell you that Dennis Langley telephoned here yesterday morning from Belize. He was telling me that George and Graham Dodd are probably up there somewhere arguing about who is going to helm and who is going to crew their boat!  doubtless
Dennis will be returning to Toronto on May 16th so he will miss the Memorial for George. But he said he would visit TSCC upon his arrival in the city.
And suggested buying a couple of bottles of Vodka to celebrate George’s life as that was his drink – vodka & orange juice  would love to see him but will leave for the WOOD Regatta in Rock Hall May 18th
Dennis asked if anyone had notified Graham Dodd’s widow, Anna in Whales? Dennis said he had her phone number here but not with him now. Do you have any contact information for her?   no
I tried using the old e-mail addresses I had for David MacDonald, Sid Atkinson, Ted Carter, Tim France, Pat Helps, Rick Goldt, Scott Town but they were all returned…   Have informed Ted, Tim, Rick and Dawn Town (I hope) - was under the impression that Sid is dead and thus hard to get hold of
Dave Hansman agreed to contact the McNutt family and Grace Chapman for me.  super
I am taking my girls to our friends for a couple of days for a March Break break.
If you need something you will need to get it through Mike. Mike & Kirk are planning to go to the funeral home on Tuesday evening.
I plan to be back home on Wednesday night so will see you on Thursday morning.
Take care all,
Darlene Codd
from past World champion, Ian Porter
Very sorry to hear of the loss of a real Wayfarer character – he made sailing more fun.     Ian Porter.

from Dave Ventresca at C&L Boatworks
Hi Al, thank you for sending the news of Mr. Blanchard’s passing to me, I really appreciate it.
I have a pretty good idea of what George accomplished with the Wayfarer and then with C&L Boatworks, I have posted on my forum a bit about George, feel free to add if you wish.  Forum Post   (see current post below)
All the best,
David Ventresca
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George Blanchard 1913-2011 Dave V  

Registered: 03/06/08
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C&L Boatworks and the sailing community in Canada has lost one of its builders with the passing of George Blanchard on March 11, 2011.

Mr. Blanchard played a big role in the development of the CL16 with company founders Henry Croce and Ken Lofthouse, and was the first winner of the Genco Trophy in 1969 as the North American CL16 champion with Graham Dodd in CL16 # 222. They won it again in 1972 and George finished 2nd in 1976 with Chris May in CL16 #666. I'm sure he may have won it a few times after 1976, maybe some of our long-time CL16 forum members can update us on George's history with CL16's and Wayfarers.

Mr. Blanchard was also an active Wayfarer sailor (W283)and held many positions in the class association over the years.

Up until his death, he was actively involved in the sailing community locally, nationally and internationally, specifically the Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club, the Canadian Wayfarer Association, the Ontario Sailing Association, and the Boulevard Club. He was the Honorary Commodore of the TSCC and the CWA and an Honorary Life Member of the Boulevard Club. He was also a Councillor of Honour of the Canadian Yachting Association.

We at C&L Boatworks salute this great Canadian sailing pioneer and pass our condolences on to his family.

More details available on the Canadian Wayfarer webpage C.W.A. and the Canadian Yachting page CYA

If you have any stories or connections to Mr. Blanchard feel free to share them on this thread.

Dave V
C&L Boatworks

ex-TSCC Wayfarer, Geoff Lepper
Thank you for letting me know about George's passing. I have been out of the sailing scene for a few years now but often wondered how George was doing. I did have occasional reports on him from Fred Black and did run into George at one of my favorite restaurants a couple of years ago and had a nice chat with him. George was unique, unparalleled and had more
energy and get-up and in his 80's than I had in my 20's.Thank you again.  Geoff Lepper

p.s.: I just thought that I would send you a few photos of George from the Worlds in Port Credit a few years ago (you might have them somewhere already) in case they might be helpful for you or his family to use in any way. I remember that when people came in after a long day on the water most of them collapsed and then relaxed, but George immediately went to help someone who needed some work done with their rigging - that is seen in one of the photos here.

p.p.s: Just two hours before your email, I received an email letting me know that a very good friend had suddenly passed away at the tender age of 90 (young puppy compared to George). She was a woman who like George was full of good spirits and energy until the night before she died. Made Friday a rough day for me but their lives of spirit and good will and energy into old age and despite health problems are examples to me and all, that with a good heart and positive attitude we can all live lives to the fullest regardless of age or condition.

p.p.s: Just in case you didn't happen to hear, my father (Stan Lepper) passed away in November after a short battle with cancer. Fred Black said that he would pass on this information at the TSCC annual meeting to anyone who knew him but just thought I would include this here in case you were unable to make that meeting.

Subject: A few photos of George sailing into port.

Dear Al:

      Just thought that I would send you a  few photos of George actually sailing - although he is just dropping sails to ride smoothly and perfectly into the dock at the Port Credit Worlds. Of course, that is Mike Codd with him. Feel free to pass on the photos to George's family or in whatever way you wish in your capacities with TSCC or with the Wayfarer association.
Hope that I haven't jammed up your email with too many large files.   Geoff

p.s.: When I took the close-ups of George sent previously, he said to me that he never looks good in photos but I think that he looks fine in all of these - I hope that he would agree. There is the sparkle of a camera flash in his eyes in the close-ups but sometimes I make things worse when I try to edit these out - leave it up to you. Maybe though, George should be seen with a sparkle in his eyes as that truly reflects George and his personality in the way that they were.

p.p.s: I just want to mention that I always remember that when TSCC celebrated its 100th birthday it was blowing like stink and everyone was sitting around, afraid to go out. And then George came striding through the patio saying something like, "Come on, folks, what's the matter? Let's get out there on the water and enjoy a sail."  And out he headed onto the water, one of the few boats to go out that day - at least that's the way I remember it. I guess that he would have been 67 or so then, which at the time seemed ancient to my young mind. Doesn't seem quite so old to me now as I'm getting close to that territory myself but  I'm still impressed by someone who at that age casually went out in that wind.

from John Joe O'Connell, former George crew, who now lives in Ireland
We are truly sorry to hear of George's passing. Our sincerest sympathies to Pat, Joy and Ross. He will always be fondly remembered.  John Joe, Marie, Ciaran, Rory and Katie

from Andrew and Lori (W9657) in Thunder Bay
Very sad news.  Although I knew George only by way of occaisional Toronto Wayfarer events, such encounters were always a pleasure and it easy to appreciate and begin to share the deep affection and respect that so many had for him.  His kindness and character were certainly apparent and very helpful to me when first meeting him at the 04 Worlds.  A unique individual and legendary in many areas.  He will indeed be missed. My sincere condolences. Andrew W9657
I'm glad I had a number of occassions to meet George. He was indeed a good man!   Lori
from Orillia's Ted Carter and family (ex-W3142)
It is with sincere sadness that we received the news of George Blanchard's passing. 
He was a remarkable man who was an example and inspiration to us all. He will be missed.
We often remember George playing the piano when he stayed with us at the Lake Simcoe house during the Windbag Regattas. One year, he serenaded us for hours even though he apologetically played four finger chords as he had a broken finger on his left hand. George was never one to give up - either on or off the water.
Please convey our condolances to the family and the CWA fleet.
Myrna & Ted Carter and family. (ex W3142)

from current Wayfarer World champ, Mike McNamara, in Norfolk
I was so sorry to hear the sad news about George. He was a wonderful ambassador for our class and a great enthusiast. I often think about my trips to Humber Bay for those training weeks in 1987 and 1990. A long time ago but lots of happy memories and George is one of them. With my very best wishes, Michael.

from Calgary's Derwyn & Nancy Hughes (W4615)
Sorry to hear about George. He truly was an inspiration for all of us. His enthusiasm, energy, and always a cheerful & positive attitude. I remember he always would ask the caterers/kitchen staff to come out for special recognition at each event! Please pass on our condolences to his family.   Nancy & Derwyn Hughes

from Dave and Carol Hansman (W282) in North Bay
We are in regular touch with the McNutt family and even occasionally see Grace Chapman.  Grace is living in an “assisted living” facility here in North Bay and is starting to lose her memory; however, George and Wayfaring seem to be a fond memory she retains.  I will make a point of visiting her.  I believe her doctor is a grandson of George’s (there is a family connection there) and she may learn of George’s passing before I get together with her. As for the others in North Bay (there are still a few of the old timers), we will let people know as we encounter them. We will wait for further information and will have a Dark & Stormy (or two) later today in remembrance of George. Dave

from Ottawa: Michael Heath-Eves (W398)
George was the greatest ambassador for our dinghy class. I learned so much from him in the early days and enjoyed hearing 
from him when we lived in Calgary at least once a year to thank me for being the classrepresentative there. Mike. (W 398)

from John & Dolores de Boer (W7351) in London, ON
Very sad and heartbreaking news to read ...  Pat, Joy and Ross will be in our prayers.  All of us were very blessed to have had George in our lives and he will be forever missed! Dolores & John

from Ontario Sailing
Please accept our condolences on the passing of your wonderful father, George. George was such a friend to our community and will be truly missed. We keep your family in our prayers. Best regards,  Glenn Lethbridge, Executive Director, Ontario Sailing

Darlene notifies author
From: Mike & Darlene Codd
Sent: Fri, Mar 11, 2011 2:28 pm
Subject: George Blanchard

Dear John, (John Carbone)
My husband, Mike & I are very good friends of George Blanchard. My name is Darlene Codd, my husband Mike Codd and our family spent a lot of time with George at our sailing club, Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club and on other occasions. I wanted to let you know that George died this morning, March 11th about 10:30 am. He was having some tough health issues to deal with over the last few months and today his body decided enough was enough. George was 97 years old.
I am checking George's e-mails here to see if I can find other people whose lives had been touched by George to let them know... Take care, Darlene

From: John Carbone MD JD
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 3:47 PM

Darlene, thank you so much for your thoughtful note, its sad content notwithstanding. I am in the process of doing research for a book I will be writing shortly on the DeHavilland Mosquito in WWII. George, as a former employee of DHC from that era, was tremendously helpful in providing me with first-person insights on that subject. I visited him @ his apartment in Etobicoke last year and had a delightful time talking with him. I know he was frail and dealing with health issues, but his mind was sharp and his enthusiasm was infectious. Thank you for letting me know. Regards, John Carbone

from Linda and Patrick Sweet, ex W4406
Darlene, thank you for this notice.  We are currently in Arizona and just this afternoon, we  were hiking along the beautiful trails and reminiscing of our Wayfarer days and of Patrick’s recent visit to see George.   I had suggested that Patrick tease George about initiating another TS&CC yearbook!  THAT proposal brought forth a good chuckle from him... George was an amazing individual to all who knew and loved him! He left quite an amazing legacy in his various ‘communities’ and in the sailing world. He will be missed.   Linda

from the Hodshon family in England
George was a wonderful friend to us both in the UK and when any of us visited Toronto. He and his Wayfarer are now sailing in the most perfect weather forever. God Bless you, George, From All the Hodshon Family  

from Chris & Carolyn Kofler, ex W4613, 1980 World champs, now in Sarasota, FL
We are deeply saddened and keep talking and thinking about George.  Our Kathryn is home for spring break and is very sad as well. Please continue to send info.  Best, Chris and Carolyn

from Denmark/Norway's Ken Jensen (W1348)
George Blanchard has left us for the far-off W-horizon, after standing his *W-watch* with a most impressive endurance, and he shall always be remembered.  Farewell and Honoured will be the memory of You, outstanding W-sailor George, that stays with us!  Ken Jesnen W1348 Maitken

from Scott Town, ex-W9239, from London, ON
It is so hard not to remember all the fantastic memories George has given us. Two things, as odd as they may seem, come to my mind.  Sharing some hard liquior out of the trunk of his car in about 1989 when I first started the Wayfarer as he set me straight about the class and it charmes and maybe he got me drunk.... The other thing that comes to mind is he must have been thanking the kitchen staff as he passed on. I wish I could be in Toronto to celebrate a life well lived. We all only could hope for living a life as full as George.  Scott Town

from Liz Feibusch on behalf of the UKWA
Dear Pat, Joy, Ross and all the Family,
We are deeply saddened at the news that George has died, but grateful that his passing was peaceful.  I am writing on behalf of The UKWA to send you all our sincere condolences. Unfortunately we are too far away to be at the funeral service on 17th March, but you will be in our thoughts that day especially as you mourn his loss.

Those of us, who were privileged to have known George as a fellow Wayfarer sailor, have fond memories of his vivacious, friendly personality and how he loved entertaining us with his long speeches, punctuated by his wit and humour. George was an asset to the Wayfarer Class worldwide and an inspiration to all sailors, proving that the Wayfarer is a boat which can be enjoyed well into retirement. You can be truly proud of him.

We are most appreciative of all George did in his long, active life to promote the pleasures of Wayfarer sailing. His legacy to that end will live on for many a year and he will go down in the annals of Wayfarers as one of ‘the greats’.

With our sympathy,
Liz Feibusch and the members of the UKWA
from Steph Romaniuk/Sue Pilling in Parry Sound, ON
Sad news. A great man with a great life - would've liked to have known him better. On the website, it didn't mention where and what time the sailor's gathering would be on April 16th. Sue and I will be in the city and would like to attend.  Steph

from George's long-time crew and maker of centreboards and rudders, Roger Redwin, in Winnipeg
... I will be thinking of George tomorrow. He was a good part of my year for 12 years spent on the water 4 days a week in the sailing season. His christmas card was always the first  Maybe I can come to the club 16 April when I find out more about it  Roger

from Jim Heffernan, USWA Commodore, and his wife, Linda, SKIMMER editor
Linda and I are very sorry to hear about George working off to windward on his final voyage. We were remembering how he greeted us in the early 70’s whenever we travelled to Canada for a regatta. He was the consummate ambassador for the Wayfarers as he made us and our children feel welcome at each club we visited. His friendliness and enthusiasm were genuine whether he was thanking the kitchen crew or hobnobbing with the club officers. During the past few years, he always sent Linda an email after he read the Skimmer and gave her lovely comments.  We will miss him. Jim and Linda Heffernan, W2458 and W1066
from Robin Allardyce at Ottawa's Lac Deschênes SC
I had the pleasure of first meeting George when he graced the shores of the Lac Deschênes Sailing Club some years ago just as I was beginning to sail Wayfarers. He had come to the club to participate in the Ontarios. He was approaching his nineties at the time, and to experience his enthusiasm was inspiring. But the best part of the weekend was to witness the launch of W CAN90 in which he was to sail that weekend. The boat was floating quietly at the shore when Big Mike Codd simply swept George up in his arms and placed him properly on the thwart ready to man the jib sheets. George, as he was "being launched', smiled and waved most regally and let us all know that he was ready for action and off they went. A sight to remember. A good man to remember. God bless, George. Sail with the angels. Robin Allardyce W6071
from Kevin Bugden, ex-W648
It was with great sadness that I heard of George's passing. During my time with the CWA, George was always there with  encouraging words as I capsized my Wayfarer in every possible wind strength!  He inspired me to continue learning and enjoy the best class in one-design sailing through his shining example. George was one of those special people we have the honour of knowing. Thank you, George. Kevin Bugden (ex W648)
On Facebook. Kevin wrote to Mike Codd: "Very sorry to hear this news, Mike. George was a true gentleman and an example to us all on living life to the fullest. Your life and mine was far better for knowing often can you say that!"
from John Oliver in Central America
Seems George went on as long and as hard as he could, giving to the sport he loved so much. You should send a note to "Scuttlebut" on-line sailing newsletter. I'm getting to the age where a lot of old friends are dying. Even here in the sun, it seems many are younger than me!  I still keep going, not as active as I used to be, but we are introducing a fleet of Optimists to teach the young kids here, maybe help in keeping a few of them clear of some of the extemely mean streets of this city. You should be planning George's memorial Ice Breaker regatta. Keep in touch. jonO   John Oliver, Ladyville, Belize, Central America
from Joanne Kumpf in St. Thomas, ON
George certainly lived an enlightened life...something we all can aspire to.  I feel privileged to have had some opportunities to be around him, even have a memory with a snapshop or two!.  Joanne
from Conestoga's Pat and Dwight Aplevich
We will miss George. He was a mentor and a wonderful example to us all. A lovely man.   Pat and Dwight (W4606)
from Irma and John Gierl, ex-W3130
If we were in Ontario, we would certainly attend the memorial, but we are still here in Florida then. John and I  have very fond memories of George, and will miss him too.  Irmgard
from Trudy Davis, ex-W460, in Guelph
Thanks, Darlene and Mike, for passing this along. Your family has certainly added to George's life and I'm sorry for your loss.
Sincerely, Trudy Davis
from Kevin Pegler (W1071) in New Brunswick
Damn. Lost one of the great ones! What a long and vibrant life. Our condolences to the CWA for the loss of such an influential member.  Kevin W1071 Wildwood.
from Carolyn Riddell (W627) in Guelph, ON
So sorry to hear the news of George's passıng. He was a great-spırıted person and wıll be greatly mıssed. I am away thıs month  (ınTurkey)...and have lımıted access to the ınternet....  My prayers and thoughts are wıth George and hıs famıly.  all the best,  Carolyn
from Doug Mackenzie at Fanshawe YC in London, ON
George will leave many memories at Fanshawe. Please pass my condolences to Mike Codd. Best regards,     Doug
from Annelies Groen (W6090) at TSCC
I am so sorry to hear of the news.  As much as we all knew that George was nearing the end, it is still hard to bear the moment.  Annelies
from Etobicoke's Jim Wickson, ex-W3136
George was an amazing man.  Please pass on my condolences.  I've slowed down a bit - no longer a boat owner but I've been drafted to crew on a Tanzer out of the Midland Bay Sailing Club for the upcoming club racing season.   Isabel and I have been doing a lot of traveling the past few years.  Just got back from two weeks in Costa Rica and in November it's off to Indochina for three weeks.  Say "Hi" to one and all.  TTFN 
Jim Wickson
from Don Hood at Toronto's Alexandra YC
I only met George a few times but saw him in and about boats for years. The world could use a few more people like George, He was a gentleman and will be missed. Don
from Pat Lymburner at the Port Credit YC
May the good Lord provide him with a good and fair hull, spars, foils and rigging along with a good suit of sails and fair winds. He will be missed.   Pat
from Kelly Trafford, ex-W3120, at TSCC
Very sad to hear the news about George Blanchard. I used to have a Wayfarer at TS&CC back in the mid 90's and remember him as being very helpful to me but more importantly to the young kids at the regattas. He was always organizing, working, keeping things running smoothly. In those days, he was still sailing on Tuesday nights with us sometimes and was a force to be reckoned with on the course. Sailing has lost a real gentleman. Kelly Trafford  (formerly W3120)
from Nick Hodshon & family (W198) in England
Dear Friends, George was a wonderful friend to us both in the UK and when any of us visited Toronto. He and his Wayfarer are now sailing in the most perfect weather forever. God Bless you, George, From All the Hodshon Family
from Roger Shepherd in Dutton, ON
Wow, 97...George had a good race, wonder if the rest of us will finish in such a good position.   Roger
from Keith Boulton in Oakville, ON
A sad day for sure - I have such great memories of George as I grew up around the Wayfarer fleet. A true gentleman and advocate for sailing.   Keith Boulton, Director, Energy Conservation Strategy, Union Gas Limited
from Steve Macklin former CL sailor from Brockville
I grew up in CL16's and George was always there supporting the fleet.  I most remember his legendary post regatta speeches.  I spent my summer as a 17-year-old (many years ago) teaching sailing at TS&CC. That summer I had the privilege of sailing in a club race with George one evening in his Wayfarer. Canada has lost a truly legendary supporter of sailing. 
Steve Macklin  (now a Shark sailor).
from Dr. John Carbone, author
... thank you for including me on the invitation to the celebration of George's long and very interesting life. I wish I were able to fly up to Toronto to attend, but unfortunately I can't come back quite yet (probably not until late summer). However, your note did solicit "stories and comments about George," and I would like to add one brief observation.
I decided to write a book about Canadian production of the Mosquito fighter-bomber in WWII as a labor of love and historical interest (my grandfather worked at the plant in Weston). I started to make contact with folks up there whom I thought might be able to provide information, and almost immediately I was pointed in George's direction. He and I started to exchange emails in mid-2010, and I flew up to meet with him at his apartment in December. He was most gracious and generous with his time and memories. He didn't know me at all, except from our emails, but he immediately made me feel comfortable and tried in any way he could to assist with the project. While I am saddened that I won't have a chance to talk to him again, I am heartened that this project, when it finally comes to fruition, will be a memorial of sorts to the work he and others of his generation performed for the war effort. I tremendously appreciate his kindness and his time and effort. John Carbone

from Brian Love ex-W3654
I will be thinking of Georgie and all of you especially on the 16th. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend. The stories of our friend will be wonderful... and all will be variations on common themes ... kindness, limitless and unconditional giving, complete unpretentiousness, precociousness, self-reliance, craftiness and resourcefulness and purity of heart. What glorious remembrances we will all have. We were so blessed to know him. Thanks for the tip on the Wayfarer site. I will be looking in for updates on the "big partieee" as George would say it. Best regards, Brian

from Ralph Roberts, English cruiser extraordinaire
Unfortunately it is a little too far for me to attend the celebration of George's life, but I feel privileged to have met George on a few occasions. My first meeting that I remember was at the 'World' Championships at Egaa in Denmark in 1998, where he was quite a celebrity - particularly with the local Press - for being in his 80's, and still competing at 'World' level - having participated in every such event since its inception. My next encounter with George was at East Down, Ireland in 2001, where he amazed everyone, particularly the leader of the local band providing the music, who I remember shaking his head in awe at the zest with which George was calling the steps for the jig they were playing. I believe my last meeting was at the Port Credit event in 2004, where I recall him taking a highly active part in the sail measuring process prior to the meeting. George was a truly incredible man, whose Christmas card each year was always the first to arrive, and who was an inspiration - and aspiration - to us all reaching OAP status that we could still enjoy our love of Wayfarer sailing way beyond reaching our retirement. He has now joined Frank Dye in sailing off to the heavens; and they will always be remembered as the 2 most renowned Wayfarer enthusiasts ever, in the fields of cruising and racing. Best wishes, Ralph

from Robin Allardyce (W6071) once more
I have spent the past two hours going through the tributes and history of George Blanchard and it was "a wonderful life". the man was amazing and I am only now beginning to understand the connections in the Wayfarer Community. From the McNutts in North Bay to the many Americans to the Danes and Brits and all of the Canadian "names"- wow. Never mind the number of events and championships.....
I look forward to being at least 1/4 as active in Wayfarer sailing activities as he and you have been over the years as a relative late-comer to the fleet. If I can achieve that I will be a happy sailor.
Thank you for all of this and everything else you do on behalf of the fleet.  Robin (W6071)
from Steve Macklin's dad, Don, aged 85
Hi Al ---  If you are still collecting condolences , my 85-year-old dad wanted to say this.  He remembered George well.
Thank you,   Steve Macklin

I would like to extend my condolences to the family of the late George Blanchard. I raced in my dinghy at the TS&CC many times against George.  He also came to our Cobourg Yacht Club  and raced in our regattas.  George was a great sailor and he lived to a great age.  He will always be remembered by our family.  We honour a great sailor. Thinking of you.
Past Commodore Don Macklin, Cobourg Yacht Club