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Cayo Costa 2017 photo coverage complete

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Poster children!

(170303) David Pugh and his wife, Anne, the CWA Chair, were poster children for Toronto's Mississauga SC at a recent club promotion. Larger image here.

Lake Eustis Team Aces Midwinters 2017
(170306)  No sooner did Nick Seraphinoff get our long-time friend, Dave Moring, into a Wayfarer at long last, than Dave and crew, Arial Harrington (above), beat out a hot fleet of 20 Wayfarers to capture the 2017 Wayfarer Midwinters, hosted for the 18th time by our beloved Lake Eustis SC in Florida. Results, all photos in  the relevant albums, 7 videos and even some Go-Pro videos, and now at last, Uncle Al's report completes our 2017 Midwinters coverage.

two more albums posted:
Mids & Cayo Costa

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LTYC dominates Solo

(170225)  It was close but no cigar for Lake Townsend Wayfarer, AnnMarie Covington (above) who saw a seemingly secure lead vanish near the finish line of Saturday's light-wind race #1. As AnnMarie got blanketed by some Flying Scots with whom we were sharing the Lake Eustis waters, the wily veteran, Jim Heffernan, snatched a win right at the finish line. That set the stage for a Heffernan series win as Jim won both - long delayed - Sunday races decisively and swept this year's event. Results and albums here. Report coming soon.
the Wayfarer book nook
the Wayfarer Book

(170125) The Wayfarer Book covers it all, from racing to reefing. A technical masterpiece now in its 5th edition. Contact our Wayfarer Book Man, Bob Brown for info and ordering.
KISS Your Dinghy

(160429)  KISS Your Dinghy - the KISS principle at its finest. Uncle Al's less complex and beautifully illustrated companion to The Wayfarer Book. Spiral bound for easier reference. More here.

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8 April 2016:  HOT V is a go for 2016 - more here

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