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First come, first served!
Hartley Boats is once again making 5 brand-new Wayfarers available to be chartered for the 2016 Worlds in the Netherlands. More here.

Pughs rise to the top in puffy Pumpkin

(141007) A gloriously summer-like spell came to a sudden end just before Fanshawe YC's annual Pumpkin Regatta Oct. 4-5 on Fanshawe Lake in the NE corner of London, ON. After 4 Saturday races in cold, gusty winds with occasional rain and hail, three teams were close together at the top of our 7-boat fleet. On Sunday, however, Oakville's David and Anne Pugh put the metaphorical pedal to the metal, scoring 1-1-1 to run away with the George Blanchard Red Top Trophy. More soon. Results posted.

Uncle Al and Shannon Shank survive
broken rudder and take NA title
at warm but windy Clark Lake

(140922) Warm, breezy conditions dominated our North American Wayfarer championships hosted by the wonderful Clark Lake YC near Jackson, MI Sept. 20-21. Despite breaking the W3854 rudder while leading race one, Al Schonborn and Shannon Shank, were able to capture the NA's which were scored with a drop race. The Regatta title went to Toronto's Mike Codd who was sailing with Kirk Iredale and scored a classy 2-2-3-2 in the 4-race series, this despie capsizing in the opener. Results, reports and lots of pics (old and new) posted.

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