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Select group braves flawed forecast and gets a different yet fine Pumpkin Regatta at Fanshawe

(161003) Despite forecasts of cold, rainy howling winds, a few hardy sailors kept alive the almost 50-year-old Pumpkin Regatta tradition. In the event, Saturday brought a pleasant day's sailing in moderate winds (Mark Coile photo above) and only the occasional sprinkle. PRO John Kabel wisely grouped all centreboarders together in one start in each of four Saturday races in easterly winds of 5 to 10 knots or so. This year's event came to a very civilzed end when moribund winds showed no signs of coming back to life any time soon, and the RC blew off further racing by 10 AM which allowed us to pack up at a nice leisurely pace for what for most was the end of the 2016 sailing season. the three Wayfarers, Teams Pilling, Codd and Schonborn, were very well matched, both against each other and with small but capable fleets of Lasers and Y-Flyers. Both picture albums and updated results are already posted. Report to follow shortly.

Wayfarer Youngsters Light Up Fall Regatta

Sarah McCreedy (9) in fine form steering W1389 Gliondar.
(160930) A passel of young Wayfarer sailors were the stars of the show Sept. 24-25 at the Clark Lake Yacht Club's annual Fall Regatta, adding to the bright, warm sunshine we were blessed with throughout the very enjoyable weekend. In addition to a sparkling performance of 1-1-1-1-2 in the five-race series by Wayfarer champions, Marc Bennett and Julie Seraphinoff of East Lansing, Michigan, there was another Wayfarer win: with ten teams, Wayfarers were the biggest fleet in the multi-class regatta. Wonderful report already available courtesy of Rick Belcher, the guiding light behind  Results and all albums posted.
Julie and Marc, the 2016 Wayfarer winners at Clark Lake

David & Anne Pugh hold big lead for Storer Trophy

Minutes of the 22 Oct 2016 CWA ExCom meeting

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Bob Stevenson video gem emerges from Uncle Al's email limbo

W613 revisited

KISS Your Dinghy

(160429) Uncle Al's answer to The Wayfarer Book has arrived. Printing has been done in full colour and the book look pretty darn nice. Spiral bound for easier use as a reference book. More here.

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