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25 Jan 16 at 2209 hrs

Special limited edition
2016 Wayfarer calendar
for supporters of the CWA and of our web sites.

From: Kit Wallace
Subject: CWA Membership Drive


Wayfarer Sailors!

The Canadian Wayfarer Association is looking to increase its membership. To that end we have made it easier to pay CWA dues with an on-line payment option through PayPal. Our recent AGM has approved a CWA Supporter Membership @ $20, in addition to the Full Membership still set @ $40.

We need your support to continue to provide the excellent coverage of Wayfarer events, news, and all the technical information to be found on the website. And we have a beautifully illustrated 2016 Wayfarer calendar as a gift if you join soon as a Full Member!!

Check out the membership registration here. If you don't wish to pay online we will still accept a cheque payable to the Canadian Wayfarer Association and mail it, along with your contact details, to Kit Wallace, 60 Cowan Avenue, Toronto, ON  M6K 2N4,


Whiffle Web fans everywhere! Please support
our sites with your sorely needed donations.

Any amount you can contribute will be much appreciated. A North America-based donation of $25 CAD or more will be rewarded with one of the aforementioned Wayfarer calendars. To cover international postage, we need to have a minimum donation of $30 CAD before we can mail the calendar to you.

The Wayfarer Book (5th ed.)
Bob Brown, our W Book man reports: .. a limited quantity of the new 5th ed books are here and available ... excellent additions including info on the new Mk4.. edge on improving your skills and knowledge of our beloved W .. great for club libraries or the individual. In Canada the price is $39.99 delivered. Please contact Bob Brown
Is the for you?
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general information
the W Book  22  May 13
KISS Your Dinghy  19 Oct 15
the W on video  22  May 13
the C.W.A.  21 Jan 16
the U.S.W.A.  11Oct 15

the W.I.C.   2 Dec 14
CWA AGM 2016  10 Dec 15


get W gear:  22 Jan 16
Wayfarer Market:  25 Jan 16
Events Calendar:    25 Jan 16
Wayfarer Links:  8 Oct 14
Weather:  8 Oct  02
Weekly Whiffle:   25 Jan 16
Uncle Al CWA web master

Wayfarer Institute:  12 Jan 16
:) PWC repellent (:  4 May 11
Wayfarer Book orders

N.A. Rallies 00 - 15:  1 Sept 15
Intern'l Rallies: 
9 Oct 15
Intern'l Rally 2016:  9 Oct 15
Cruising Tips:   15 Jan 05
Logs:   12 Jan 16

2013 Worlds:   13 Jan 14
Latest Seeds11 Nov 15
Regatta Reports:  8 Dec 15
Storer Trophy:   14 Nov 15

W nostalgia
events nostalgia:  2 Jan 16
W's fondly recalled:  20 Oct 15
Hughes Nughes:  15 Jan 16
Past Worlds:  30 Dec 13
Archives:  18 Jan 16
W History in Brief:  29 Nov 00
DM 2002:  1 Nov 02

Spirit Points
Have you won a

Wayfarer Action Award?
Bronze Award: 20 events
Silver Award: 50 events
Gold Award: 100 events
Diamond Award: 250
Several new winners this year. These awards are only presented at AGMs. Check here to see if you have qualified. Contact Darlene Codd if you will need your award for this AGM. Complete records back to the beginning of Wayfarer time are posted also.

Canadian Wayfarers! Please join our Association
The CWA Whiffle Web is widely regarded as the best dinghy sailing website on the internet. It is sustained through membership dues paid to the CWA and can only continue in its present form if ... more here
Do it now!!
Pay 2016 CWA dues on line
full member @ $40
CWA supporter $20

Have you paid 2016 dues?
Check here to make sure you are one of us. As of 10 Jan 2016 CWA has 46 paid-up members.

Get Uncle Al's KISS Your Dinghy


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recently posted on the Whiffle Web:

18 Jan 2016: W1445 enquiry unearths tons of fine memories in July 1976 SKIMMER
12 Jan 2016: Mike Duncan (W10962) contributes to our centreboard knowledge:
a better brake and the anatomy of the Mk IV board

18 Dec 2015: two Chip Cunningham logs added to our library:
Goat Farm (2013), North Channel (2015)
14 Dec 2015:  amazing new Chip Cunningham log posted
10 Dec 2015:  Fall 2015 SKIMMER posted
8 Aug 2015:  Dave Adams (W921) log of Thousand Islands cruise now posted

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