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the 2017 North American Wayfarer Calendar

Vote for your favourite pics

 I have done the first cull of our 2016 pics that I have, reducing their number from 700 or so (the background 2017 AGM slide show) to just over a hundred. These are now posted in Flickr. Please have a look at them and vote for your favourites (no more than 13) and/or let me know the ID number of any that you would be disappointed to see in print. Time is fleeting. I expect to send the masterpiece to the printer by this coming Friday, so please vote within the next couple of days c/o Failing that, you have only yourselves to blame. Uncle Al  W3854

Congratulations to Storer Trophy winners,
David & Anne Pugh (Gold) and
Dave Hansman with David Richardson (Silver)

Superb Carolina Week completes our 2016!

10 well matched Wayfarers highlight HOT V
(161114) A strong fleet of ten Wayfarers made up the main body of an 22-boat fleet that sailed the 5th annual HOT in support of, which raises money for research into earlier detection of breast cancer. Winds of 5 to 10 knots and summer-warm, sunny weather blessed the event's three Saturday and two Sunday races. Our Buccaneer friends, Bart and Janet Streb showed what these boats can really do, as they won the no-drop series on both straight and Portsmouth-corrected time. (Uncle Al, in his wide-ranging travels, has usually been able to match or beat the Bucs on straight time.)
The Wayfarers had excellent, close racing with Jim and Linda Heffernan of the host club fighting off a late challenge by Canadian guest, Al Schonborn, and his local crew, Susan Cole, to take Wayfarer bragging rights and 2nd place overall. The Wayfarers, in fact took five of the top six spots overall, and seven of the top ten spots. A bunch of results, a comprehensive report and all picture albums are now posted.

Jim and Alicia Cook win Wayfarers in the
Catawba YC's Old Brown Dog regatta

Wiley on Wylie waters:
(l to r) Jim Cook, AnnMarie Covington and Richard Johnson

(161118) In lovely summer-like weather but light, challenging winds, eight Wayfarers and a like number of MC Scows brought our 2016 sailing season to a close November 4-6 at the 5th annual Old Brown Dog regatta, hosted by Lake Wylie's Catawba YC near Charlotte, North Carolina. Locals, Jim Cook and his wife, Alicia, sailed W7372, Rob Wierdsma's old Abbott mark I, to the narrowest of victories, as they won a tie-breaker over Jim and Linda Heffernan, while Uncle Al and pick-up crew, Laura Bruck, ended up a mere point behind the two leaders. More hereCoverage now completed.

Minutes of the 26 Nov 2016 CWA ExCom meeting

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Bob Stevenson video gem emerges from Uncle Al's email limbo

W613 revisited

KISS Your Dinghy

(160429) Uncle Al's answer to The Wayfarer Book has arrived. Printing has been done in full colour and the book look pretty darn nice. Spiral bound for easier use as a reference book. More here.

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