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David & Anne Pugh win 3rd consecutive Carling Trophy

In warm, gusty sunshine, a dozen Wayfarers had an exciting four-race series on Conestoga Lake Sunday 11 June. When the spray had settled, Oakville's David and Anne Pugh (above) had taken the laurels for a third straight time. This was a hotly conested series, especially among the top four teams: the Pughs, Marc Bdennett/Julie Seraphinoff (East Lansing, Michigan), Daves Hansman and Richardson (North Bay) and Sue Pilling/Steph Romaniuk (Parry Sound). Results and fine Tushar Singh photos are now posted. Is anyone doing a regatta report?

60th Governor's Cup = 1st Wayfarer Easterns
First regatta victory for AnnMarie Covington

Competition was close (above) at the first-ever Wayfarer Easterns, sailed as part of the 60th annual Governor's Cup on Kerr Lake in northern North Carolina. Over 80 dinghies took part in various fleets, 11 of them Wayfarers. At the end of the four-race series, the clear winners were Lake Townsend's AnnMarie Townsend with her excellent pick-up crew, Bob Williams. Complete results, many photos and an Uncle Al report in progress available here.

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